New family members


The Ragmatazz home is buzzing with energy ever since we adopted our 2 beautiful little puppies – Snowy and Sandy, last week. Between our Ragmatazz work and getting the little ones well adjusted to living at home with our 12 cats, there has been no time for much else.

But being house bound and sleep deprived is worth every minute spent with them.

Our home has always been a place for animals. But we don’t believe is buying pets from pet shops and supporting the puppy & kitty mill industries. For us it has always been about helping animals who need medical aid and shelter. All of our pets have been rescued from the streets. And this is the only way we know how to do it.

Snowy and Sandy were adopted from local shelters. One of the most amazing things about rescues is that they have such rich personalities. You never know what kind of buddy you are bringing home. Each animal has a distinctive personality that enriched our lives with quirks and all.

We are blessed to have them in our lives.

These are some pics we took with our new pups during our event Earrings Photoshoot. You can find these earrings via our website:


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